Wednesday Yarn Along: Scissors are my friend. and, cowls are more fun than washcloths.

Last week I told you all that I had botched up my fingerless gloves and I wanted help from knitting genies and geniuses.  Well, you were wonderful.  Between my Facebook page help, comments on this blog, and in-person suggestions, I had a number of options to choose from.  The suggestions included:

1)  the obvious but unwanted suggestion to “rip it out,” which was said lovingly and with wonderful comments -truly!  (One of my favorites was, “if you love the yarn, love it enough to knit well with it”… wise.)

2)  the idea that maybe I could felt it (but the yarn would be worthless if I botched that up too, which seemed highly possibly)

3)  doing some decorative “darting” decoration on the back of the hand, creating a way to pull up the extra and make it desirable (I know the person who made this suggestion and I have absolutely no doubt that she could do this beautifully, but I question my design and knitting ability to pull that off well)

4)  turning the gloves inside out and seaming them with a sewing machine (REALLY REALLY well and repeatedly), then cutting the selvage off.  I’m considering this because I actually think I could make the gloves fit the best this way… assuming I didn’t end up rendering the gloves worthless by my cutting!

So, yarn along buddies, before I take to the gloves with sewing machine and scissors, what do you think?  Will it work?  Isn’t it kind of like what you do with steeking (sp?).  I really think it could work and I could come away with the best fit in the end, but I’m afraid.  If I’m wrong, I will have intentionally cut up some of my favorite yarn.  I’ll stick a poll in here and you all can vote on what you think I should do… please leave comments too!

In the meantime, here’s what I worked on while I eagerly await the results of our little poll.  I finished  making my washcloth pattern that I mentioned last week and it’s pretty cute… nothing fancy, but it’s a washcloth, so in my mind, “not fancy” is a good thing.

I would love to share the pattern with you (and last week I said I would), but since then I’ve realized that I’m pretty sure I’d be breaking some kind of copyright law.  The thing that makes me unsure is that I’ve incorporated the swatch pattern from the “365 Knitting Stitches a Year Perpetual Calendar” into my washcloth, so if I share my pattern, am I not just giving away their swatch pattern without someone having to pay them for it?  Help?  Any knitters (lawyers) out there know the answer to that one?  Until I get a “yes, it’s okay” from the 365 calendar people, I think I better not.  Next time I’ll create a pattern that’s truly all my own… maybe another free cowl pattern.

My latest cowl favorite I got distracted by (big surprise) is the FREE Honey Cowl pattern by Madelinetosh.  I love cowls… fast, easy, super warm, and fashionable (most of them- I’ve seen some scary ones too!).  I think making a cowl sounds like way more fun than working on washcloths.  I also still want to begin the Koigu yarn, Churchmouse scarf pattern.  I have so much I want to knit and I’m so easily pulled to the next thing.  Focus, Kelly.  Focus.

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Yarn Along: Scissors are my friend. and, cowls are more fun than washcloths.

  1. Hmmm..that’s a tough one.

    I would say that if there is any doubt, I would err on the side of caution and not share the pattern.

    I’m somewhat confident that the whole issue with copyright has to do with reproducing the written pattern and this could be a slippery slope.

  2. I can’t speak to the gloves question, other than to wish you luck! Your washcloth is very pretty 🙂 My grandmother always knit dish cloths. I inherited her knitting bag, but I am an absolute beginner. I thought I could start with dish cloths because they don’t have to look perfect.

    • Unless you are in love with dishcloths, (which I actually am for washing my face), I would say do something more fun and fairly forgiving. My suggestion is that if you like cowls at all (they seem to be trendy right now), go for it and make your dishcloth long enough that you can twist it and seam the ends together to make a cowl! It’s a little “out there” for a first project, but here’s what I’m thinking. You’ll get better as you go along, so there will be an obvious “front” to your project and a part you’d rather hide at the back of your neck. If you twist the length of your fabric before you seam it up, most any mistakes will be hidden and it will just look über cool. Just be sure that instead of knitting it with dishcloth yarn, that you choose a yarn you would want against your neck.

      I’m not someone who needs everything to be perfect up close, though, so if your standards are higher… stick with your original plan to go with the dishcloth. 🙂

  3. OHHHHHH. (Big Sigh)… a former yarn shop owner….(who was–still is– known as the gauge Nazi, although I don’t always follow my own advice)….IMHO your best best is undoing and starting over. But look at it as just having found more knitting in your own home….and REALLY REALLY getting your $$$ worth from the yarn. If you cut and seam, you will be dealing with that nasty lumpy bumpy–which WILL show, not only on the outsides, but at the top and bottom and I don’t think you would be too happy with that–and after it’s cut….it’s toast as far as reusing and changing your mind.
    Felting (or gentle fulling) is a better option–if you like the look and your wool isn’t one of the washable kinds. (Sorry, I should have checked to see what you using.) The dart idea–I’m not much of a seamstress, but I think you’ll still get the lumps.
    I rip things ALOT. To me, it’s no big deal. (My Dad taught me to knit as a little little kid–but didn’t know how to cast off. So, I’d knit up a ball yarn–take it to him–he’s oooo and ahhhhh and we’d rip it out, cast on a different # of stitches–and off I’d go. I never realized what great practice all that was for all my future ripping!!!)
    Sorry this is so long….
    my vote…..a trip to the frog pond.. RIP-IT RIP-IT RIP-IT.

    • I should have stopped reading when I got to the words “gauge nazi.” 🙂 I’m sure you’re right. I was just hoping for an easier (emotionally) way. I’ve had over a week away from working on it at this point, though, so I may be ready to start anew. Thanks for adding your advice…even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear!

  4. I’ve only been knitting a year, so I certainly don’t have the level of expertise that some of your other readers do, but when I have a painting that isn’t coming out right that’s when I tell myself not to be afraid of wrecking it – just make a decision and go for it! I know yarn is different b/c you can pull it out and reuse it. But it sounds to me as if you really want to try the sewing machine option. I’m all for experimenting. Maybe you’ll discover a super groovy new look. Either way – GOOD LUCK!!!

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