Day Twenty-Two. App Twenty-Two. Cards by Cardmon.

If you haven’t sent your holiday cards by now, then we have the app for you today!  You can get out the cutest cards on the block in less than 3 minutes with Greeting/Holiday cards by Cardmon.  We had fun this morning playing with the app and creating lovely holiday cards in no time (see below).

When you open the app you choose from a variety of simple templates (e.g., invites, congrats, lovey-dovey, thanks, holiday) to use as the basis for your card.  They look very much like the templates you choose from when making cards to send out via snail mail.  Once you’ve made your choice, you tap on the portion of the card where the picture goes, then choose to either take a new picture or pick one from your photo library.  We just picked ones from our library.  You can move the picture around, resize it, and even rotate it at will within the card.  When your picture is as you like it, all you have left to do is choose your font (lots of choices), style, and ink color, then share your card.  You can share it in one of four ways: save it to your camera roll to print and send, email it, send it to Twitter, or send it to Facebook.

This app is a must have for anyone who wants to put together a card by yesterday that doesn’t look like it was just thrown together by their pets.

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