Day Twenty-Three. App Twenty-Three. HootSuite.

beach hut number 23HootSuite is our app for today.  If you don’t use Twitter or Facebook, then you can just skip this and look forward to tomorrow’s app review (see you then).  However, if you have multiple Twitter accounts or want to be able to see streams from your Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Pages, Foursquare, and LinkedIn accounts in the same location, HootSuite is very useful.

We aren’t huge Facebookers and don’t use Foursquare or LinkedIn (are they really something we should be in to?), but on occasion we manage multiple Twitter accounts.  To get it all set up at first, all you do is enter in your name and password for each account you want added, then they appear within HootSuite (which is also available as an iPad app and on your computer at  Once you have them in HootSuite, you can edit and rearrange each stream as you like.  It’s totally customizable, which is great.

We also really like the built-in URL shortener for our tweets (Is there one in the native Twitter app that we just can’t find?!?).  There is also a stats portion, where you can see how many clicks your tweets receive… good for those who care, we suppose.  We think it might just depress us… unless you want to follow us on twitter (@ottoandeddie) and click on our tweets a whole bunch!  We’ll go sit and wait then check our stats.

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