Free “Does this Hat make my Head Look Fat?” Pattern

The first thing I need to tell you is that I knit this hat in less than two hours, including seaming it up… REALLY!  I’m not a super duper speed knitter contestant.  I just had some great big yarn and some motivation.  Our heat and hot water went kaput for a chunk of the week and I was going for warmth, so I made up this pattern.  It was a “two birds with one stone kind” of deal for me too, because I was able to use up some yarn I really didn’t need, but just couldn’t pass up (Lion Brand Super Bulky).

I love the color (Oklahoma City Green- weird name, but great color) and it was super cheap- less than $3 at Walmart.  Now, I don’t usually think of Walmart as my “go to” place for yarn (actually, I try not to think of Walmart as my “go to” place in general), but if you need to be there anyway and happen into the craft section, you can get a screamin’ deal.

So, I brought home my yarn and lovingly (of course) paired it up with some white mohair I had gotten for just this kind of yarn project.  I’m not a huge fan of mohair on its own, but I love the soft look it gives when stranded with another yarn.  You could certainly omit the mohair if you want the hat to take on a less feminine feel.  Also, as you may have guessed by the name of the hat, it is somewhat oversized, which I like because it doesn’t give me a headache or smash my hair as badly as some…and I’ve been assured that it doesn’t make my head look fat.

If you want to give it a shot, you can download the FREE pdf.  Have fun and happy knitting!

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