Day Twenty-Four. App Twenty-Four. BlogPress.


[Update]: The app is fixed an back to being awesome again!

We waited as long as possible to post the review for today’s app because it was awaiting an update to make it stop crashing. That update came just a couple of days ago and one of our favorite apps is wonderful again. We are talking about the universal app, BlogPress.Our favorite thing about BlogPress is that we can save an online or local version of whatever post we’re working on.  The reason this is key, is that it enables us to begin a post on one device then continue it on another.  The local save option matters because we can work on our post (in the subway or under a rock or wherever we don’t have wifi access), save it to our device, then upload it when we’re back in range of those wireless signals.  We can then modify it at will and re-save the online version for access from whatever keyboard/touchpad we happen to be using next (we’re pretty mobile).  We use this app ALL THE TIME for our on-the-go blogging.  If you want to see it in action, this family hereused it to share their New York City vacation with selected family and friends as it happened.It’s an awesome app and definitely worth downloading if you do any blogging.  Or, even if you don’t and just want a fun and simple way to document a trip… and you can check out Blog2Print, which offers to make your entire blog into a book.  We haven’t tried it yet, but it could be fun for something like the NYC trip example above.  Anyway, blog on (with BlogPress).

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