Day Eight. App Eight. Words With Friends.

number 8

Okay, you’re one week into December and you’ve read about seven apps we love, you’ve learned how to savor the time with family (right? if not, click that link!), you’re super organized with all your gift giving, and you’re ready to kick back and play a game.  So, here’s the game for you-  WordsWithFriends (Free, or you can pay a smidge and get rid of ads).  Basically the game is scrabble, but not sleep-inducing, wait-15-minutes-for-the-other-person-to-play scrabble. The beauty of Words with Friends is that you play (in theory, with your friends, but could also be with random people the computer hooks you up with) whenever you feel like it.  If you both are playing at the same time, the game can be pretty quick; if you are playing with us, it may take a day or two (maybe seven?) until we get around to playing again, so it can be much slower.  The nice thing is that you can have many games going, so whenever you want to play, there’s usually a game ready for you.

No pressure, no waiting, no cost (if you don’t mind the ads).  Your turn.

 [Update]: Words with Friends has an update today making it so you can see how many of any given tile there are remaining (nice if you are considering whether your wordplay could set up your friend for a massive triple pointer if they have a certain letter). It also now has a rating feature where the game basically let’s you know how good or lousy your word is in comparison to the possibilities. We’ll be curious to see whether or not people like these new additions to the game. Let us know what you think.

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