Tech or trek…

I’m constantly struggling within myself, fighting the pull of the tech (iPhone, iPad, laptop) and the pull of the simple tech less existence I imagine… you know, the unrealistic yet appealing one where I have a garden (with deer who gaze, not graze), knit daily, make my own applesauce, and have a bathroom that sparkles (weird, but as long as I’m dreaming…).  Anyway, today nature and my need to get my family out in it, won.  I decided that bad weather wasn’t an option for an excuse and told the boys that we were going on an “adventure.”  Usually if it’s raining, it’s a good reason for us to stay inside and cuddle up, but not today.  Today, we were actually going to wait for the rain to start, then head out into it…our real hope was that we’d end up out in a total downpour and have the opportunity to run around shrieking in it like little kids.  We need to do that more.

So, we packed up lunches (the food is always a priority), the pug, and my camera and drove across town to a trail that runs along the river.  My husband met us there and we set out on our  hike.  The rain never really did turn into a major downpour, but that was probably a good thing since our little hike ended up being closer to five miles than three due to massive mud and a resulting change in the return route.

Anyway, the walk was good.  The pug, the kids and I are pooped, and I snapped a bunch of pictures along the way (the one with the  orange berries shown above is my favorite).

We were tech less  …and it was good.

8 thoughts on “Tech or trek…

    • Thanks! I was surprised to find that bit of color in the midst of a lot of brown and beige on our hike. I think I see things differently and look with a different perspective when I’m keeping an eye out for “photo ops.” It’s probably how I should be trying to see things more of the time, you know, looking for the beauty in the midst of the drab. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  1. Family adventures are the BEST, especially when they involve unpredictable weather with the potential of a really good story to tell when you’re all done 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by Savoring Today and commenting, I appreciate that. It was nice to discover your blog, I’ll be sure to come back! Happy New Year!

  2. I think your writing is exceptional. You have such a good balance of wit, wisdom, and personalness. It’s a treat to follow you.

  3. You’re an awesome mom! I love to go on walks in the rain… like a nice easy summer rain with sun shining in spots. That happens a lot here where I live in the summer. My husband will go with me sometimes. I used to take the kids out all the time when they were little. We live across the street from a park and there are ditches around it that fill up with water. I bought the boys mud boots and slickers and we mad boats to sail. Those were great times! We have a spot too where we can walk down to the edge of the river and that is fun too but usually there are homeless/spooky/odd sorts hanging out there. So we quit going there. The last time we went this lady with missing teeth was telling us that she tried to kill her boyfriend and then before we could get out of there my youngest tells her my phone number. Good thing she probably doesn’t have a phone.

    • You have to love how innocent he was sharing your phone number! You’re probably right that she either doesn’t have a phone or probably too “out of it” to remember your number later. Still… eek.

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