What do babies have to do with blog buttons?

In my last post I threw out the idea that I’d make a button for those of us participating in the 365 Days to Simplicity (I’ll make a grungier button for those of you who don’t want something cutesy- maybe the “Purge” one?).  I also casually mentioned that I didn’t know how to make the button but that I’d figure out how and just do it.  Well.  I didn’t just quickly figure it out.  I tried a number of tutorials that didn’t work and a number of do-it-myself methods that (surprisingly) did not work either.  What I wound up with that DID work, came from The Hip Chick’s Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies blog.  Who knew?

So, although I don’t currently have a whole lot on this blog related to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies, interestingly, I just last night was writing a post that will begin my series entitled “The Motherhood Manual: I have all the answers.”  So, I feel like we’re practically related.  My Motherhood Manual’s first installment should be out tomorrow.  Watch for it.

8 thoughts on “What do babies have to do with blog buttons?

  1. I guess we better not through out the baby with the bathtub huh? Thanks for making the button. I don’t have a graphics program or room to download one so this is cool.

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