App of the Week: Draw Something

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we are on spring break right now and it’s coloring what I write about. So, in keeping with that I chose my app for today based on part of how we’ve spent our time. No, we have not sat around on our gadgets and missed out on the world of sunshine around us. However, we would be crispy little lobsters if we spent all our time in the pool! So, we mix it up with cribbage, mexican train, poker, the water park, bocce ball, and, yes, the occasional iDevice. That’s my segue to the app of the week…

This week we’ve been playing Draw Something (the free version). It’s basically like Pictionary. For each turn you choose from a set of three words to draw. You can choose the width and color of your stylus line, and can erase at any point.

You and the guesser each earn coins when a drawing is guessed correctly. Those coins can then be used to purchase additional pen colors, etc. In the example below, I drew a picture to try to get my partner to guess the word juggle.

Once you have completed your drawing, the other person is notified.

Then they watch the lines appear for your drawing. And, using letters provided, they attempt to guess your drawing. Below is a series of screenshots I took while guessing a drawing…

It’s a free app and pretty fun, so give it a try. If you need someone to draw with, my screen name is kdv24. Now I’m off to the sun again, so that’s as thorough a review as you get.

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