iPad new or iPad 2- what’s the difference?

Thursday is usually my “App of the Week” review day, but with Apple just announcing the “new iPad” yesterday, I felt I should throw that in the mix today instead of my typical app post.  My app review can wait.

So, the new iPad, is it worth it?

I would never call myself an Apple “fanboy” …largely because I’m a girl.  Duh?  But, I do love the new shiny Apple products.  Apple has marketing down to perfection.  They do an amazing job of making everything they create not just look wonderful, but also feel  wonderful.  People want the product as soon as they see it, as soon as they pick it up, before they’ve even turned the device on.  That’s good marketing and I’m a sucker for good marketing.

But… is the “new iPad” enough different from my current iPad 2 to make it worth a change?

These sites below, synthesize the major differences between the iPad iterations:

The new iPad vs. iPad 2: what’s changed? — Engadget.

Specs: new iPad vs. iPad 2: – WSJ

iPad vs. iPad 2 vs. new iPad – CNET Reviews

Decisions, decisions…

For me, the biggest temptation of the new iPad is the higher resolution and what that will do to photo editing and viewing on the device.  Currently, I love the way my pictures look on my iPad and can’t even imagine how great it would be to see them at an even higher resolution.  However, even with that, I’m still thinking I’ll stick with my iPad 2 and save my money for the new iPhone.

What do you think?  If you have an iPad already, will you upgrade?  If you don’t have one, is this the one that sucks you in?

2 thoughts on “iPad new or iPad 2- what’s the difference?

  1. I think it’s going to suck me in this time…. I’ve tried and tried to wait until something spectacular comes out from Apple… This might be it. (Don’t tell Apple that though)

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