App of the Week: Bump Pay

Many people have heard of Bump, a free app you can use to easily transfer pictures and contact information to another person simply by bumping your phone against theirs.  It’s pretty cool; I like it partly because it has a satisfying little brrrrzzzz in your phone when it transfers, making it feel kind of like when you hit a tennis ball when playing Wii.

This app review isn’t about that app though.  It’s about a new app by the makers of Bump that works with the same concept, but does so with money.  That app is called Bump Pay.  Bump Pay comes together with PayPal to create a safe and simple way to transfer funds from one PayPal account to another.  Like Bump, many people are already familiar with PayPal because it’s a commonly accepted method of paying for items online (for example, on eBay).

If you aren’t already using PayPal, go to the “what you need to know” section of their site and read up on it.  The short, though, is that it’s free and simple to set up… and is necessary if you want to use Bump Pay.  Which you do.  Because it’s cool.  …No, they aren’t paying me.  I’m just not good at having cash with me (Thank you to our good friends who let us borrow $40 because we ordered food then inadvertently left to go get it without our wallets.  Their house was closer than ours so we stopped and asked for cash, then went to pick up our food.  You know you have good friends when…).

So, Bump Pay.  Here’s what it looks like.

The interface is simple and the concept is simple.  You smack your phone against the phone of the person you are transferring funds to or from, then you enter your PayPal password (to keep out the riff raff), and that’s it.  You will get an email telling you the transfer is occurring and you’re done.  The only set up involved is when you first download the app, you have to give Bump permission to access your PayPal account.  Easy, isn’t it?  And, it’s great for non-cash carriers like me!

Let me know if you try it out!

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