Day Fourteen. App Fourteen. Grocery IQ.

Bingo Number 14We don’t feel very inspired writing this app. Unlike other apps we’ve reviewed, we’re just not that excited about this one. Knowing that, though, it should tell you a lot about the value of this app since we’re recommending it in spite of our blah-ness. Now you’re curious aren’t you?

Okay, our blah and yet highly recommended app is GroceryIQ. Now you see why we’re not “super amped” about it, don’t you? It’s a grocery shopping app. Whoopee. However, it’s possible that our disdain for grocery shopping may be coloring our emotions.  We really do think this app is pretty awesome.

So, specifically, why do we recommend it? Because GroceryIQ takes a little of the pain out of shopping. You can enter your list by scanning barcodes (that actually does make us a little excited) or by typing in the items’ names (the app provides choices to match what you’ve types in). It then automatically suggests what aisle/section of the store the items are in so your list is organized (that’s also pretty cool). The items in your list all have little boxes next to them so you can check them off as you shop. In addition, you can add on prices, list different stores, email your list to someone else (and maybe get out of the grocery shopping?!?), etc.

All in all, it isn’t enough to make us relish grocery shopping, but it definitely makes it better. If you’re going to go grocery shopping, you want this app.

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