Day Fifteen. App Fifteen. SnapTell.

SnapTell is our featured app today. As you may have noticed, one of the primary things that drives our positive rating of an app is its ease of use. We like simple and intuitive. If we have to read a manual or watch a tutorial, our likelihood of using the app (at least as it was designed to be used), goes way down.

shed 15SnapTell scores on the ease of use factor.  It does just what its name implies; it snaps a picture (or scans a barcode) then tells you where you can find that item locally and online and for how much. You can then tap to purchase from the linked sites, or call or get directions to the local sites.  The variety of online sites are produced from and searches of google, wikipedia, and yahoo!, so it’s pretty thorough… or at least good enough for what we’re after.

We’ve found the barcode to be more effective than the picture taking (not sure the picture taking has ever given us a result, but that may be because we so consistently use the barcode option that we’d actually rename the app ScanTell).  Anyway, SnapTell has been a good app for comparison shopping this holiday season. We’ve used it on multiple occasions to find the best price for an item.

So, there you go; we’ve saved you a little money. Merry Christmas.

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