Day Sixteen. App Sixteen. All Recipes/Epicurious.

Advent chocolate calender number 16We like to eat.  Mostly we like ice cream.  However, at this time of year, we also like baked goods and soups (comfort foods, we suppose) and we even like to cook them.  Our app of choice for finding new recipes is actually two apps; we like both All Recipes (we splurged on the pro version, but a free option is available too) and Epicurious.  Both apps are great when you want to find a new recipe (or you’re at the grocery store with only your phone and have no idea what you’re having for dinner that night!  It happens.).  If you kind of know what you’re after, All Recipes and Epicurious are both great, because of the ability to search for recipes based on ingredients and course, or just using a search box.  In both apps you can save your recipe, use it to create a shopping list (nice feature), or share it with others via email, Facebook, or  Twitter (Epicurious also has sharing to Google Reader, Instapaper, Pinboard, Read It Later, and Tumblr).

All Recipes also has the option to search based on the length of time it takes to prepare the item, and allows organizing of your “recipe box” by category too (soup, dessert, side dish, etc.).  Epicurious’s recipe box can be organized alphabetically or by recency.   Right now, we are enjoying Epicurious’s seasonal category options, including Holiday Treats, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Dinners, Holiday Desserts, Christmas Cocktails, etc.  We may need to be looking at the exercise apps again soon.  It’ll be worth it though.

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