Day Eighteen. App Eighteen. Pages.

18Pages is one of the spendier apps we’ve purchased.  We finally broke down and bought it as a way to view and create documents on our iPhone and iPad (mostly iPad) that were nice to look at.  There are other apps that do the same thing, but none that do it in as aesthetically pleasing a way.

Pages comes with a number of different templates (resume, recipe, party invite, flyer, etc.) that can get you started on creating your wonderful document.  For an example of a quick and easy pattern that was created using Pages, look at the pdf pictured here.

There are cool features for adding media and a variety of stock tables, charts, and shapes, all of which can be modified to meet your needs.  In addition, there is a spell check and word count available, as well as adjustments for all kinds of guides, margins, and tabs.  For a very simple design, we were amazed at the number of ways we could adjust our document.

Once you’ve finished your creation, you can email or print it, or send it to iWork or iTunes, or copy it to iDisk or Web Dav.  We wish there was an option for uploading it to Dropbox or Evernote, but we can work with what’s there.  All in all, we feel that it’s been worth our money… especially on the iPad.

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