My drop in the Bucket List

I will be going to a New Year’s Eve party and doing all the New Yearsy celebrating like many others. We’ll play games, eat snacks, toast at midnight,etc., but this year there’s a new game.  We’re all expected to come with a list of five of our New Year’s resolutions, which we will then use in a game where we match up the resolutions with the people. I like games, so I’m all good with that… except…

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.

If I think I need to do something differently in my life, I just try to change that.  I don’t write it down.  I don’t save it for the New Year.  I don’t paste it on my mirror.  Nothing. Until this year, apparently.  So, before we head over to our friends’ house, I need to come up with at least five things that I’m resolving for the year ahead.

The timing is good, though, because I just read a blog post by Lesly Carter at Indulge – Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences that talked about her bucket list, and another one by Judy at Savoring Today that covered her top 12 in 2012.  When I read them, I thought, “I should come up with a bucket list.”  Then I decided that I would come up with a smaller version so I’d be more likely to succeed and call it my “drop in the Bucket List.”

So, like I said, good timing. I need five resolutions and I want to make a mini bucket list.  Perfect match.  Here goes.

1.   Go to southeast asia.

2.   Learn how to use the settings on my camera other than “automatic.”

3.   Get rid of at least one thing every day this year.

4.   Finish at least five unfinished knitting projects (I’ll specifically list which ones tomorrow and move them to a basket where I can see them).

5.   Make fruit leather (it’s supposed to be super easy and not require any special equipment).

6.   Sort through all my pictures in iPhoto, pare them down to less than 5000 (there are currently over 10,000… and NOT all great pics), and upload them on Flickr.

7.   Figure out how to produce income through my blog(s)- help anyone?

8.   Learn enough HTML and CSS to be able to modify my blogs how I want (columns, special widgets, etc.- set up self hosting on Word Press, is also part of this one I think).

9.   Use my stash of beads to make gifts without buying new beads.

10. Can at least two things this summer.

Okay, so looking back at this, I’m thinking that other than number 1 it feels to me like it’s way more of a resolution list than a bucket list.  I think I perceive bucket lists as more adventurous and I just don’t really care that much about jumping out of planes or that kind of stuff.  I’ll ponder it more over the next couple of days and see what things I can think of that I don’t do because I’m scared.

Based on that, I’ll add one more thing to my list…

11. Create a bucket list with items on it that are outside of my comfort zone.

20 thoughts on “My drop in the Bucket List

    • I like # 3 because it seems doable; I decided it doesn’t have to be something major I get rid of, but that every day I need to look around and find one thing I can part with (my closet is a great place to do this!). I’m putting it as a repeating item on my Reminders list on my phone so I don’t forget. I expect it will get harder as the year goes on.
      #6 is extremely daunting, but I’m motivated because I’m pretty sure my external hard drive where the pictures are held is on its last few breaths. I do have a backup, but it’s still motivating. I should probably break that resolution down into smaller tasks so I feel like I’m making progress!
      Thanks so much for the suggestion on #7 & #8. I’ll definitely check that out!

  1. Hey, I love the list. Can you tell me how you will go about learning CSS and HTML? Will you do it online? It’s one of my goals. I used to be a programmer, but have been out of it for so long. How will you start? I’m teaching as well so will need to do it in stages. Let me know. Maybe we can question each other. Blessings and Happy New Year!

    • Thanks! I have a couple of thoughts on the CSS & HTML learning. I bought a book by Head First Labs that walks me through it. I like the playful tone of the book which helps make it not as dry. I also have looked at some online courses (Code School looks pretty good). The problem I see for me with either of these is that I’m not directly applying them to my site. I also paid for the ability to do custom CSS on my blog, so I can try stuff out there. I have wondered too if I should just figure out what it is I want to do on my site, then learn it as I need it. As you can tell, the real answer to your “how” question is, “I’m not totally sure.” I’d love to learn together though! What kind of programming did you do and what do you teach now?

      Happy New Year!

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  3. Oh I like #3. I really should do that too. On my list I have go through digital pictures and actually make at least one album. Also, get FILM printed that I still have. Believe it or not, I still have undeveloped FILM! I think I’m going to just have them put on DVDs since I don’t know what is on them anymore. I have a long list that will probably take me 5 years to finish LOL Good luck with your bucket list.

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  7. Kelly – Love the list ! Curt also was not thrilled about making a resolution list and all 5 of his were going to be “I resolve not to make resolutions.” Surprised he came up with the one he brought to the party! As always, I am envious of your organization to everything you do 🙂

    • I totally felt the same as Curt! Now we’re all going to be asking him about his progress on the barefoot running! Thanks for the compliment to my organization; I feel like I’lm good with the ideas, but not always with the staying power. I’m pretty motivated by my list and my Simplicity Challenge, though! If nothing else, I’m off to a good start. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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