40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts

Just in case you missed it earlier this week, be sure to check out this post from appstorm that shows you tips for using your iPhone to its full potential: 40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts | iPhone.AppStorm. You may be familiar with a number of the things they describe, but I’m betting you’ll learn a couple new tricks from their article. So, take two minutes, skim through their article, and learn a few things that will save you a click or two on your iPhone. Time well spent.

4 thoughts on “40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts

    • Aren’t those great? I feel like I’m fairly tech savvy and know quite a bit about what I can do with my iPhone, but I learned some new things from this. My son is having a great time playing with the new keyboard options on the iPod Touch he uses…. now I’m getting messages from him in Thai and in emoticons! 🙂

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