Which apps are best? 50 Free iPhone Apps for 2012

A couple months ago I wrote a post listing my top ten iPhone apps (in which I actually included about 15 apps). In the process of writing that post, I realized that I needed to add a top ten iPhone apps part two, to include some apps that didn’t fit in my top ten, but needed to be mentioned. As I wrote part two (which also included more than ten), I still felt like I was leaving out some of my favorites. So, after I posted part two, I began a draft for part three. By that time I was approaching 50 apps, and I still haven’t posted it because I keep thinking of more I want to include. Because of that, I’m glad to see that someone else was unable to narrow it down to less than 50.

Reading through their lists, I am happy to see that they include many of the favorites I included in my posts, as well as a couple apps that I’m looking forward to trying out. So, enjoy the lists and hopefully you’ll discover some new apps you love.

Top 50 Free iPhone Apps 2012 (part1)

Top 50 Free iPhone Apps 2012 (part2)

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