App of the Week: Retinal Scan

Okay, so I’m not really reviewing a retinal scan app (I don’t even know if one exists). I am, however, explaining why I want one… for my husband.

First off, let me preface this by stating clearly and for the record, that my husband is a bright man. He’s smart, freakishly Rainman quick with numbers, clever, etc., etc. However…

On more than one occasion I have received the following phone call within a few hours of him leaving town. It begins something like this… “Hi honey. Could you do a favor for me?” To some that may seem innocuous enough, but this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that phrase. I know roughly what will follow.

He will go on to explain that he left his “wallet/passport/drivers’ license/other vitally important item” in his car and want to know if I could get it mailed to him, please. More specifically, overnighted. Usually there will be some amount of time pressure due to leaving the country, being unable to board a return flight, or such.

Let me state again…he’s a really bright man.  I don’t get this.

Most recently when this happened, my first thought was how nice it would be if they could just do a retinal scan and pull up all his needed documents. He could store the info on his iPhone, then stare into the little camera and have it access his records from the state or federal database. I know it’s probably big brother ish, but I’m all for it if it saves me a trip across town to the airport parking lot to get said item from his car.

So, retinal scan app anyone?


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