What can you get for a coffee card?

Okay, so we didn’t really offer the sellers a coffee card in exchange for the sewer repair. We did, however, come to an agreement on the items identified in the inspection report. And… it’s a go. The appraisal has been ordered, the loan documents are being filed, the title report is doing whatever it’s supposed to be doing and I think we’re all good.

It feels a little weird because up until now a lot was required of us at a fairly frantic pace. Now that we’re done with our part, it feels like all of a sudden… nothing. So, now we finish up trying to get our house listed this week. If you’re interested, let us know before we get it listed and we can make you a deal! Can’t you just picture yourself owning this house?

See how happy you look in your new home? Your head is a little swollen, but we expect that would go right down no problem. It’s probably just filled with happiness because you have a home with such a lovely view of the whole basin and Shasta. 🙂

Okay. This is why we’re listing it with a realtor. Clearly it’s not my calling.

9 thoughts on “What can you get for a coffee card?

  1. Ooh- you drew me exactly!! Love your new and old houses. Bummer is, I didn’t win the Powerball last night, so we are stuck where we are for now. Tell your parents that the neighbor is selling her house – open house today… Maybe we should screen the visitors for a good choice neighbor 🙂

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