Adrenaline junkies should buy a house

I told you, now we wait. It’s hard, isn’t it? You get hooked into that go go go, something happening at every turn hurry up and get to it mode. You adrenaline junkie, you.

If you’re looking to keep up the frantic pace, here are just a few of the things that still need to be done:

1. Rent a U-Haul
2. Get home owners’ insurance for the new place
3. Celebrate birthdays for two thirds of the people in my husband’s and my families.
4. Do sixth grade graduation stuff
5. Clean my house
6. Sell my clean house

7. Oh, and pack up 4250 square feet of stuff. But not all of it… more on that later.
8. That’s not all, but I’m still trying to keep breathing, so am repressing the rest of it.

Anyway, sorry, no new house stuff today.

Unless you want to buy mine. Then we could kick up the pace again. You know, for the readers…

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