Pack it up! But don’t.

Ahhhh, packing.

When you move out of one house before the other house is sold, there are some issues… two mortgages being the obvious one. However, there is a lesser known but similarly sinister problem (similar in that really neither of them are sinister, but I liked the way it sounded)…

Common folklore (realtors, friends, and strangers in the know) say a house with furniture sells better than an empty house. Based on that, we clearly should leave much of our furniture in our house here. However, common experience (mine) tells me that living in a new home is also better with furniture. Our new home has hardwood floors…HARD wood floors. Jason sleeps with some fancy pants pillow, so do you really think he’s going to sleep on a HARDwood floor? No.

So, clearly we will take a bed. Luckily we have another bed we can leave set up in our house here. Whew! Next, a table…

It’s summer, so we can take our patio furniture and eat outside as much as possible. We can also bring our card table (the same one we used for holding nursing pads in the early days) and use that in our lovely wainscoted dining room.

With couches and beds it gets a bit trickier, but hey, this way we have something to keep us busy in case we run out of things to do…we can spend some time trying to figure out furniture.

Bring it on bungee jumpers! Let the action keep on moving!

2 thoughts on “Pack it up! But don’t.

  1. Twyste,
    We will be moving ourselves this coming Saturday! Good luck with yours… There’s something unnerving with your life in boxes, isn’t it?
    Le Clown

    • There’s also something about NOT having much of your life in boxes when you’re moving! I keep looking at how much ISN’T in boxes yet. Yikes. Good luck with your move this weekend. Glad to hear stuff is good with TWP. He seems like a cool kid surrounded by people who care about him.

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