What blog am I reading?!?

For those who were reading my blog a couple years ago, my last post (I Kinda Get Git…) may have you wondering what blog you inadvertently subscribed to back then. I haven’t added much on here for awhile, but have continued to think in “blog posts” and write them in my mind when funny or interesting things occur to me, and I keep planning to start this up again. 

So, now that I have absolutely zero time and am borderline neglecting my life outside of programming, I’m starting to post again. Rather than segue in and tie my new posts nicely to previous posts, I’m going to just jump. If I wait for the right time, I’ll keep missing chances to share.  That’s my explanation for my last post. I hope to still include posts for my Yarn and Life categories as well, but right now they’re all mushed into one and a lot of it happens here…

 Epicodus Classroom 

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