Otto’s scarf has begun

We’re on the edge of winter here.  As you can tell by the flakes falling in front of Otto’s face, snow has already fallen… and you’ll just have to take my for word for it that it’s getting colder.  I’m wearing a scarf almost daily and knitting at least two besides!

Anyway, scarves are coming out and I figure that Otto needs to get a little scarf love.  I’m not sure if Otto will necessarily feel the love, but I can tell you that he’s getting a scarf anyway.  Below is a picture of the scarf I’m knitting for him.  It’s just a simple garter stitch, so it will go really fast and I’m sure that he’ll be all festive in his candy cane striped scarf by December 1st.

Really.  I promise.  (He’s so excited.)

[Update]:  I made good progress on his scarf over the weekend and just have a bunch of finishing off to do.  I’m not sure the choice I made to just leave the ends hanging along the side as I switched from red to white and back was a good decision, but I really didn’t want the opposite color being seen along the side of the scarf as I carried the yarn along.  I also didn’t want to tie it off and weave it in as I went, so that left me with what I did.  Now it means I have to go along and tie off, then weave in each end where the stripe color changes.  Oh well.  The length looks good, though, I think.

In the next couple of days I’ll post a final update with a picture of Otto wearing his new scarf.  I’ll also include the pattern (super simple) that I used, in case anyone else wants to “winterize” their pet (way more fun than winterizing your car or your lawn, in my opinion!).

[Update #2]  The scarf is done and it hasn’t snowed even a smidge since I last wrote.  It feels like October around here and doesn’t look at all like scarf weather anymore.  Too bad. The scarf is done, so Otto tried it out today.  Here are his glamour shots:

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