The new phonebook (I mean, knitting magazine) is here!

Look what came yesterday… my new Winter 2011 Interweave Knits magazine.  Yay!  I don’t know if anyone else remembers that old commercial with the kid running down the lane holding the new phonebook up in the air, yelling “the new phonebook’s here!”  Apparently it was very exciting; that’s kind of how I feel when I open my mailbox and see my newest knitting magazine waiting for me!  As I said before… yay!I always charge right through the magazine to see everything in it, but then I go through it a second time more slowly to see what I really am likely to make and dream about all my potential projects.  So, having charged through it, I really like the cardigans/jackets, the cable mittens, and the hats in this issue.  The one that I think I will actually make, though, is the Nantes Hat by Amanda Scheuzger.  It’s made on size 6 & 8 needles, so should be pretty quick to make.  The yarn she used was a silk/mohair blend (nice!) by Tahki Stacy Charles.  There’s no place in town where I can find that, so I may be doing a little Internet shopping for that one…or maybe I can find something in my stash that will work.  Actually, thinking about it I have some pomegranate alpaca/silk yarn from Tactile Fiber Arts that might be just perfect.  The pomegranate color would be really nice too!  What a concept, shopping my own stash!

Just think, if I actually finish it, I will be well on my way to my domestic diva-hood.  I made minestrone soup on this snowy day too, further enhancing my domestic diva status!  I’m pretty sure I’m going to make biscuits to go with the soup too, so my transformation is almost complete!  …unless I get distracted by the knitting…

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