Tech or trek: on ice

I’m still motivated to get us out away from our tech on the weekends, so today we did a little walk along the lake in search of fresh air and prettiness amongst the brown.


The boys (all 4 of them) had fun playing on the ice.

I liked taking pictures of the little red and orange berries.



It’s still so interesting to me that looking out across the landscape it’s so blah, but when I look closely trying to find the pretty I always see some.

Even the beat up old bridge looks cool with the right perspective. There’s probably some sort of life lesson that we should be taking away from this, but I figure that if I need to explain it to you, you’re not ready for it yet.
For those of you interested, I did this whole post using my iPhone and the WordPress app. And, I got all the pictures from my DSLR camera wirelessly to Dropbox, so they were available everywhere (including on my phone) when I got home. Maybe I’ll cover it all in my Thursday, App of the Week review later this week.

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