Just Life…

First off, I’m happy to see that I am not related to all the people who have “liked” the Twyste Facebook page. If I am related to you and you liked the page, that still makes me happy; but it’s nice to see some others filling in too!

On to today, though… I’ve been going through some of the boys’ baby pictures looking for the one I want to use in Monday’s Motherhood Manual post. They are all nicely arranged in photo albums and scrapbooks with cute little fonts, stickers, and decorative borders, so it’s easy to find exactly the pictures I’m after …Ha! I can hear my family yelling, “Liar!” inside my head. Okay, so I did find that some are in photo albums, but roughly 500 (5000?) are not. So, there’s a project for me… for. ever.

Anyway, I did manage to find the picture I’m going to use for Monday, but I also found a heck of a lot of really cute pictures that won’t go in that post, and I just have to share a handful of them (literally, a handful– remember, there weren’t many in albums).

These are from a trip to Palm Springs when Spencer was about two and Jacob was four. I love the matching Hawaiian outfits they got as gifts from their grandparents, and their round little faces with the sunglasses.

Jacob totally enjoyed his spinach, then Daddy helped him “shave” it for his first goatee. He felt so handsome! By the way, spinach stains the skin for quite some time.

This isn’t a fantastic photo… kind of fuzzy and all, but I really like the lighting. I also think I like it because of the memories. Spencer used to hide and find the eggs over and over and over (and… you get it) for weeks, maybe months each spring. He’d push around this little purple stroller like a shopping cart as he hid the eggs and collected them again (and again…).

I won’t share any more right now, but those were right on top when I was finished rifling through looking for the Monday photo, and I just couldn’t resist throwing them in this post. My boys were so stinkin’ cute! They still are, but it just makes me smile to look back at these pictures.

6 thoughts on “Just Life…

  1. Baby pics are the best! I have a scrapbook nook, nicely stocked and organized that sadly never gets put to use. I really need to add that to my to do list!

    • I would love to be that person who has all their photos beautifully organized; I know some of those people and their work is wonderful. Like you, I even own some stuff for doing it, but I am always totally overwhelmed by it all. So, my goal is just to go through them and pick out my very favorites to put into a traditional “slide it into the little slot” album. Even that is a lot at this point!


  2. Looking at baby pictures reminds me of simpler times, times I was too much in a hurry to move on from, and how quickly it really went. With our youngest a junior in high school, it seems so very long ago.

    Your photos are so precious, you could just smooch those little round faces!

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