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App of the Week: RunKeeper

App of the Week: RunKeeper

I am not a runner.  On occasion I run, but it’s usually only to balance out repeated bad choices with food.  And, when I run, it’s typically on a treadmill while watching something highly intellectual like Psych.  I am actually trying to do that a little more frequently these days because my family is doing the Shamrock … Continue reading

App of the week: pinterest

App of the week: pinterest

My first thought when I heard about Pinterest was that it sounded like such a girlie site, which isn’t a bad thing for me because I’m a girl. However, for a guy, it seems like it would be harder to say “hey, be sure and follow me on pinterest” without images of cute little do … Continue reading

App of the week: PostalPix

I tried out a new app this week and it filled a niche that surprisingly wasn’t already filled by the apps currently on my phone. I say “surprisingly” because I have what seems to me like an awful lot of apps. The other day I was looking at all of my little folders crammed with … Continue reading

App review: Storyboarder

Storyboarder is a super cool app made by the same people who make two other apps I’ve talked about (Postagram and Sincerely Ink). In iTunes they state “Storyboarder allows you to quickly and easily tell your story from a collection of photos.” That’s true, but I don’t think really does the app justice or sells … Continue reading

Cooking Light with Evernote…

A number of you already know that I am on a slow and deliberate path toward simplifying my life (you may even have joined me in the quest for less!).   Some of you may also know that I’m a big fan of Evernote (a cloud-based filing system that I’ve reviewed in my top ten apps for … Continue reading

Top Twenty-Four Apps.

In the spirit of giving at Christmas, we are giving you the gift of the top twenty-four apps all in one little list.  We know… you’re welcome.  You should know, though, that there was no way we were going to spend Christmas day typing a blog post (even for you), so we actually typed this … Continue reading

Day Twenty-Three. App Twenty-Three. HootSuite.

HootSuite is our app for today.  If you don’t use Twitter or Facebook, then you can just skip this and look forward to tomorrow’s app review (see you then).  However, if you have multiple Twitter accounts or want to be able to see streams from your Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Pages, Foursquare, and LinkedIn accounts … Continue reading