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Otto’s scarf has begun

Otto’s scarf has begun

We’re on the edge of winter here.  As you can tell by the flakes falling in front of Otto’s face, snow has already fallen… and you’ll just have to take my for word for it that it’s getting colder.  I’m wearing a scarf almost daily and knitting at least two besides! Anyway, scarves are coming … Continue reading

Pumpkin party invites with instagram & postagram

Every year our family hosts a pumpkin carving party, and this is the 11th year of our totally fun tradition.  The boys and I started getting ready for it by putting out some of our Halloween decorations this past weekend.  I don’t know who decided that chartreuse-y green is a halloween color, but I’m glad … Continue reading

I think I can… can

So, my girlfriends and I are going to try canning next week. Most of us have never really done it before (or, in my case, ever at all), but we’re an optimistic crowd, so I’m sure we’ll be fine…partly because we are avoiding those pesky little botulism buggies by not even trying tomatoes. One of … Continue reading

Sock Summit Street Jam

I’m so excited! Jason is playing in a three-on-three basketball tournament in Portland next weekend; actually his team won last year and Jason placed in the three point competition. It’s fun to go and cheer him on and see all the athletes playing outside at the Rose Garden. Most of the games are just played … Continue reading

Lavender sachets

I made these today using fabric scraps and dried lavender from our garden. I’m making them to put in with my yarn stash so the moths won’t eat my wool! I have a couple of really pretty skeins that are fringed in the middle because of those pesky moths! Now, though, I have these pretty … Continue reading