I fell off the wagon…

I made it eight days into 2012 before I fell off the wagon. No, not the liquor wagon or the food wagon (food cart?)… Actually, I don’t know the origin of that phrase “off the wagon,” so if I’m mixing metaphors as I go on, sorry about that. I generally have a pretty good grasp of proper use of the english language, but I’m also quite comfortable taking (intentionally or not) liberties with it, so hold on, you english majors out there. Regardless of all that, the wagon I’ve fallen off of is the “only going to shop my own yarn stash” wagon. It’s not as well publicized as the liquor wagon, but, I believe is actually more common. Those of you in yarnie circles know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, you either have great discipline or are liars. Anyway, enough about you.

My husband surprised me this past weekend with an overnight getaway to a cute little town near us that has a wonderful yarn store (Websters). His motivation to go there was not the yarn store, but actually a basketball game, but it made no difference, the yarn store was still there. I let him know that I needed to make a brief stop in there “just to pick up a magazine” that isn’t available locally. In my defense, I will say that my intent truly was to go in, grab the magazine, and get out. That was my plan.

However… I am a sucker for colors and textures, and I don’t know how I realistically thought I could just pick up a magazine and walk out without at least touching the yarn. That simple touch, though, was the first step on the path to poor choices, considering my plan to not buy more yarn this year. You need to know, though, that the yarn pictured above (and the magazine, it’s not the one I was after, but wonderful anyway) actually represents a great deal of self-restraint on my part. My true desire was to walk out with 1/3 of the yarn in the shop, but I didn’t. I merely chose three small skeins and a magazine… and a pattern (I had no choice, it would help me to use up the yarn I was buying).

Now, because of my “quick stop just to pick up a magazine,” I have a brand new project that I’m excited about. The pattern is by Churchmouse Classics and is called the “Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf.” I’m excited to use my new linen yarn to make a lightweight scarf that I think I will enjoy this winter (assuming it ever gets here- hello, snow?) and into the spring. And, it’s a good thing I got it, because I’m just about finished with last week’s yarn along. (There are some people who know me that might think I only start knitting projects rather than finish them, but this will show that I do, on occasion, come away with a lovely item. Online accountability will do that to me, I guess.)

I’ll post pictures of my progress on my Koigu Scarf at next week’s yarn along.

Until then, happy knitting… with your own stash?

19 thoughts on “I fell off the wagon…

  1. Oh I am laughing, inwardly so I don’t hurt my back, because this is sooooooooooo much like me. The yarn wagon is real! I am on it too…. and fall off rather often. That yarn is beautiful. Love the colors. So are you going to tell which magazine you covet but didn’t find? I am absolutely terrible at starting things and not finishing. I just get sidetracked…a lot. By the time I come back I can’t remember what I was making.

    • It’s a disease. 🙂 The magazine I was looking for is the Interweave Knits Knitted Accessories edition. I think it may not be out yet? I can order it online, but I want to look at it first.

  2. I’ve learned to not even bother with those kinds of resolutions, because I know I can’t keep them. I’d have to swear off yarn stores and websites altogether, because I know I’m going to get more yarn as soon as I see a skein.
    And hey, if you’re going to fall off the wagon, at least you did it for some good stuff.

    • It is definitely for some good stuff! It’s a happy fall. However, I’m still determined to use more of my stash. The lure of pretty new yarn is impressive though!

  3. This is the best wagon to be falling off if you ask me. I find it very difficult to walk out of a yarn store without yarn. You picked some very lovely skeins! Have fun with your new project 🙂

    • Thanks! I love it, but I’m not letting myself start it until I’ve seamed up the fingerless gloves I was working on for the last yarn along. Talk about motivating!

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