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Day Twenty-Three. App Twenty-Three. HootSuite.

HootSuite is our app for today.  If you don’t use Twitter or Facebook, then you can just skip this and look forward to tomorrow’s app review (see you then).  However, if you have multiple Twitter accounts or want to be able to see streams from your Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Pages, Foursquare, and LinkedIn accounts … Continue reading

Day Twenty-One. App Twenty-One. TripIt.

TripIt is an indispensable travel app, in our opinion (really, who else’s opinion did you expect?).  What we like about TripIt is that it puts all of our travel information into one place.  This is wonderful!  Especially when we go on a longer trip and stay in multiple locations or use multiple “frequent this or … Continue reading

Day Twenty. App Twenty. Card Shark.

Card Shark Deluxe is our favorite solitaire app.  As of this writing, there are sixty-two different solitaire games on the Card Shark Deluxe app.  Sixty. Two.  That’s A LOT of card games!  We haven’t even made it through half of them; largely because we’re hooked on our favorites and haven’t gotten bored with those yet. … Continue reading

Day Nineteen. App Nineteen. App Advice.

Our nineteenth app of choice is AppAdvice.  We like this app because is full of reviews… just like us, but with a team of thousands (we expect) to review and write about apps, and fuel the latest Apple related rumors.  We enjoy reading AppAdvice first thing in the morning when we have our cup of coffee. … Continue reading

Day Eighteen. App Eighteen. Pages.

Pages is one of the spendier apps we’ve purchased.  We finally broke down and bought it as a way to view and create documents on our iPhone and iPad (mostly iPad) that were nice to look at.  There are other apps that do the same thing, but none that do it in as aesthetically pleasing … Continue reading

Day Fifteen. App Fifteen. SnapTell.

SnapTell is our featured app today. As you may have noticed, one of the primary things that drives our positive rating of an app is its ease of use. We like simple and intuitive. If we have to read a manual or watch a tutorial, our likelihood of using the app (at least as it … Continue reading

Day Fourteen. App Fourteen. Grocery IQ.

We don’t feel very inspired writing this app. Unlike other apps we’ve reviewed, we’re just not that excited about this one. Knowing that, though, it should tell you a lot about the value of this app since we’re recommending it in spite of our blah-ness. Now you’re curious aren’t you? Okay, our blah and yet … Continue reading